Commercial Ice Maker Machines

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About Commercial Ice Maker Machines

Leo Abrams started in 2015 after woking in the food service industry for over 10 years. With extensive knowledge and great contacts, Leo relied on his network to launch what has now become the ultimate source for ice makers in the United States. After initially focusing on ice machines for bars, Leo quickly expanded to restaurants and then hotels and now serves all industries that rely on ice machines. Leo couldn't have done it without his dedicated employees which has rapidly grown to 16 hard working staff members.

Company Info

Our number one goal is to make it easy and affordable to get a commercial ice machine. If you have any tips or feedback on how we can do this better we'd love to hear from you. Shoot us an email and we will get back to you shortly.

If you are an ice machine supplier and are looking for partnership opportunities to grow your business, please contact us. We are always looking to partner with the best local companies.